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‘Today’s inability to plan ahead has created an uncomfortable state of flux’

Updated: Sep 29, 2020


It’s something that many of us once thrived upon.

From projects at work, to social events, meals for the week, next year’s holiday… the year after that’s holiday!

In hindsight, planning was one of life’s little big luxuries. That now much-missed ability to forecast, and lay down the footings for the benefit and enjoyment of our future selves.

It’s no understatement, that today’s inability to plan ahead, in even some of the most simple ways, has created an uncomfortable state of flux. In particular, it is not having the option to sweep the natural uncertainty of the future under the carpet of busyness, that has proved most problematic, for mental health especially.

An interesting article in Stylist Magazine (thanks for the free gift Ocado) refers to it as the ‘post-planning’ world, and they’re not wrong in their description.

For the devout ‘planners’ among us, and those oriented by diary entries and notes on the calendars, this year has become about finding new yardsticks for happiness, purpose and contentment.

It’s not been an easy feat, by any stretch, but it’s a process that is helped, sometimes, by stumbling across some unexpected words of wisdom, when they’re needed most!

This Ribbon of Reflection, found at Wellington Country Park, is both welcome food for thought and, more importantly, an effective ‘disrupter’ to that negative ‘mind chatter’ which otherwise has a tendency to flow unabated on a Sunday afternoon stroll.

It might be a temporary respite, granted, but it’s a moment that counts for a lot in the long game of building resilience - an idea which is in contrast to the often contrived #behappy movement.

This is a useful concept to bear in mind, especially given that #behappy is so often the stick we use to beat ourselves with… often unnecessarily.

‘I don’t think happiness is the ultimate goal, it’s resilience! Happiness is the by-product of being resilient.’ Author Emma Markezic – Writer of Curveballs

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