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‘Today’s toasties are as rustic as they are innovative… and healthy!’

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

There’s something about a cheese toastie, that never fails to tickle our fancy.

Especially on these chillier days, when a cold sandwich somehow just doesn’t cut it, the melted cheese muse that we all know and love, has us counting the minutes until lunch!

Nowadays, luckily, we don’t need a fancy toastie-making gadget, to pull off the perfect crunchy yet ooozy grilled sarnie!

Instead, we just need a frying pan, some classic Primula, and a little sprinkling of imagination!

With today’s toasties proving as rustic as they are innovative and healthy, there’s arguably no better brand than Primula to show us how it’s done!

To demonstrate, we’ve created this marvellously melty chard and spring onion cheese toastie using their light original spread. As the secret ingredient to which this recipe owes much of its mellow, cheesy yumminess, you could almost forget you’re getting one of your five a day in the tucking in process!

In terms of cheesiness and sheer comfort factor, Primula’s range of delicious spreads certainly come up trumps, and make easy, squeezy work of tantalising toasties, as well as next-level sandwiches, pastas and sauces alike!

For the full Spring Onion and Chard toastie recipe, head over to our instagram stories now.

Sponsored by Primula

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