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WAIT…your finger’s covering the lense!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Agh… never mind!

If there’s one resolution we should all be making this summer, it’s to rediscover the power of ‘that’ll do.’

When you can’t seem to brush the sand off your feet but you need to put your shoes on? That’ll do!

When the most your hair-styling motivation will stretch to is a messy bun..… that’ll do!

If the very idea of such blatant slap-dashery fills you with more horror than hurrah, then clearly, more practice is required in the art of anti-perfect - something that every holiday worth its salt is built upon.

Of course, in certain contexts, seeing beauty in the bare minimum is less freedom-making… more frowned upon. A word of advice, don’t try it in the workplace.

On holiday, however, the line between lazy… and being ingeniously effort-efficient, is as blurry as the lenses on those SPF-smeared sunglasses!

Through these vacay-focals, a lunchtime nap could just as much pass for common sense, as self-indulgence.

A white shirt over a bikini? Well, you’re as supermarket-ready as you’ll ever be!

A distant dot in the cobalt sky, as you ponder the depths of its cloudless beauty from your lilo bed? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it your last care in the world… reincarnated as a flying f-bomb? Who knows!

More to the point? Who cares?

The holiday-borne prerogative to cast perfectionism aside, is a take-home of tan worthy proportions.

After all, with it comes a confidence to show up as fresh-faced, flip-flopped and unfazed in person, as it does in writing about every random ‘that’ll do’ topic that might just so happen to take your creative fancy.

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