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Walk the Walk (of Kindness)

In the absence of gyms, walking became the mainstay of many of our daily fitness routines, with the step counts still going strong in a lot of cases.

Those who swear by walking for wellness, do so not just for its mind-clearing benefits, but also the fitness gains and social element of striding out once a day.

Today, there’s another incentive to getting out and about, and that is the British Red Cross’

This sponsored walk opportunity encourages us all to head out for our daily dose of fresh air and fitness, and deliver a random act of kindness along the way.

Not only will these altruistic walks help brighten someone’s day, but the sponsorship from this campaign will provide vital funds to help support people left vulnerable by coronavirus.

Specifically, the funds will help Red Cross staff and volunteers to continue their work delivering food, medicine and essentials to vulnerable people, as well as working with the NHS to get patients home from over 100 hospitals across the UK.

When planning your walk, please ensure that you abide by government advice and social distancing measures.

For our Walk of Kindness, we delivered gifts of Plantastic flapjacks and Tario bath salts to our neighbours, all whilst clocking up the miles for a good cause, and good health!

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