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We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Whichever way you look at it, the familiar landscape of old, seems to have been replaced by a new and other-worldly vista.

As an allegory for life’s unpredictable, whimsical and sometimes scary nature, The Wizard of Oz seems to have more parallels with most people’s 2022, than probably any other year to date.

In fact, with a significant proportion of what constituted ‘normal’ now existing only in our memory - from the cost of living, to the reigning Sovereign - it’s understandable that ‘home‘ is taking on a whole new importance.

Not only this, the value of living life in full technicolour has also been nuanced in new-found relevance, for if ever there was an embodiment of the happiness that exists in the pursuit (as opposed to the pursuit of happiness)…our late Sovereign was most certainly it.

As we acclimatise to this recent unprecedented plot twist, there’s probably a mission somewhere, should we choose to accept it…

That is… to find the heart, courage and strength to continue afoot, and to remain as unperturbed by uncertainty, wrong turns and ‘wicked witches’ - metaphorically speaking - as it’s possible to be, when so much is at stake.

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