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What a mash-up!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The summer holidays, for many of us, are one of life’s great mash ups!

At no other time of year, do work, family and leisure get remixed with such ambitious abandon - and on the same 24 hour turntable - as during the 6 weeks of the summer holidays.

For me, July is a true testament to the kind of ABBA meets Britney synergy that exists between…

Work and leisure.

Professionism and parenting.

Proactivity…and hiding in the bathroom

One minute, you’re nailing the never-miss-a-beat…. and the next, that all-too-familiar chorus of ‘more snacks please!!’ ceremoniously DROPS!!!

Gimme gimme more….

Gimme more! GIMME GIMME MORE!!

Arguably, nothing strikes a chord quite like the soundtrack of your youth, being playing out in real-time-chocolate-raisin-demanding technicolour!

No sooner are you zig-a-zig ahing with the intriguing idea of a (pizza) man after midnight…than there’s another cue to start throwing those big-fish-little-fish shapes in the direction of dinner, bills, snacks…and all that jazz!

At the end of it all, it’s hard to tell, really, whether this mish-mashed melange of chaotic and confusing comings and going’s is pure madness… or magic, of the most marvellous kind!

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