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'What shall I wear today?' (Said nobody at all in the last few months)

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

For many of us, the daily dilemma of "what am I going to wear today?" has scarcely come into our inner dialogue in recent months.

It’s only more recently, with the burgeoning need to salvage some semblance of our pre-lockdown-selves, that clothes and feeling ‘the part’ has shifted up the priority ranks.

Granted, we might not know what that ‘part’ is yet. In fact, there’s every chance it’s probably not what it was before. However, what that doesn’t take away from is the psychology of dressing with intent, and our confidence and identity in mind.

Half the battle, in this case, is trying to marry our old wardrobes... with our new vision and reality.

Simplicity is a major part of this for many, and quite rightly given that it holds the key to maximising time and efficiency. Similarly, the power of the right cut and colours cannot be underestimated in terms of both mood and emotions.

To help with this process of streamlining and supercharging your wardrobe, Kettlewell is your one-stop shop for key pieces... in ALL the colours (300 to be precise).

As a British brand, their stylish, high-quality wardrobe essentials are designed to help women become the very best version of themselves. Championing the ‘seasonless fashion’ concept that is gaining weight in what was once a once a predominately 'fast' industry, Kettlewell makes it possible to shop to a palette that suits you, all year round.

What this means is autumnal colours in high summer, and spring hues in winter. At last! We can now buy according to what suits us best, rather than what the seasonal stereotypes dictates.

This in mind, why not take the time (if you haven't already) to destash your wardrobe this summer. Remove from it anything you don't wear, and only invest in key, versatile pieces that will help take your collection from 'cluttered' to 'capsule.'

Once achieved, the minimalist wardrobe might just be your most most valuable asset, opening doors to opportunities that you wouldn't expect from such a simple question as...

'What shall I wear today?'

Sponsored by Kettlewell

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