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‘When it comes to picnics, striking a balance between healthy and yummy is all important’

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We’ve heard it all before, about the virtues of spending time in the great outdoors, so we’ll spare you the usual fresh air platitudes, and instead focus on an equally ‘cheesy’ excuse for pulling out the picnic blanket this spring!


Everyone knows, a lunch hamper is only as good as the nibbles it contains, so it's just as well that Love Corn are on hand to give crisps and dip a run for their money this picnic season, with the launch of their NEW Cheese & Onion Flavour crunchy corn!

As always, the right balance of healthy and yummy is an important (yet difficult) one to strike, but it’s a challenge made significantly easier by these delicious corn kernels, that are as tasty as they are credible in a healthy, balanced diet.

Vegan, gluten free and non-GMO, Love Corn is made from simple ingredients (corn, Sunflower oil

and seasoning) and can be enjoyed straight from the pack, or even sprinkled on salads for extra flavour and crunch!

This, together with the handy, easy-to-open packs, makes Love Corn the perfect go-to for summer snacking, whether you’re munching al fresco, or al desko!!

Sponsored by Love Corn

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