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When life gives you apples...

Make apple yoghurt!

This one is for everyone who have ever made the same mistake that we did yesterday (an apple-shaped explosion, in case you missed it.)

A little apple - it seems - has a habit of going the longest way, and in the interests of not putting all this delicious mush to good use, creativity is key!

One simple idea, so we discovered, is to stir the pulp into some plain yoghurt, miraculously transforming a bog-standard yoghurt into an apple-flavoured delight, and without the usual sugar, flavourings or additives you’d expect from something so dessert-esque.

In this era of wasting less and innovating more, such examples of everyday bootstrapping are music to our money-saving, eco-conscious ears.

Serve on its own, over fruit, or with your morning granola for best results!

This is not just plain yoghurt... it’s M&S plain yoghurt, made interesting!

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