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When ready-made… meets home-made!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I heard this audio the other day, and it made me think about… short cuts, and just how underrated they are as a stress-reducing, life-streamlining tool.

By short-cuts, what I mean of course are the everyday little workarounds (or hacks, for want of a more trendy buzzword) that make life just that little bit easier… and therefore, more pleasant.

Like ready-made cookie dough, for example.

On the face of it, taking out all the measuring, mixing, kneading and rolling aspects of home-baking - it seems somewhat counterintuitive.

After all, it’s in the apron-wearing, wooden-spoon wielding aesthetic, that baking’s credibility as an ‘enrichment activity’ lies.

I get it… and can well testify to the meditative aspect of taking the time to do things properly. From scratch.

What I can also appreciate, though is that sometimes (just sometimes) there is just as much to be said for taking that *much-maligned* path of least resistance.

For buying the ready made cookie dough…and recognising this one *controversial* truth.

That what many cheat-shaped choices take away in ‘sensory stimulation’, they repay in dividends which go above and beyond the absence of washing up and flour-smeared surfaces.

One such dividend, if I had to pick one, is the mind-ease of more time to spend on other enriching tasks, whilst still leveraging the unfailing power of ‘freshly baked’, to bring a family together.

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