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Winter is coming! Time to get your ‘Facial-Fresh’ Face on!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Today marks the start of National Spa Week, and everybody’s annual excuse to block out an hour, a day or more where possible, for the sole and all-important purpose of…self-care.

As one of the UK’s leading spa hotels, Danesfield House brings the art of ‘retreating’ to rural Buckinghamshire, boasting a stones-throw-from-Marlow location which encapsulates perfectly, that ‘escape to the country’ antidote that busy life so often demands.

The hotel’s onsite spa - Spa Illuminata - offers a luxury range of pamper packages and beauty rituals, and it’s here especially, where the woes of ‘winter is coming’ find some much needed relief.

Every which way you turn - from the tranquillity of the spa poolside, to the dimly-lit zen of the relaxation room -

an atmosphere of tranquility abounds, making it impossible not to find at least some scope to reset…and recharge.

In the realms of countdown-to-Christmas preparation (priorities, priorities!!) the spa’s treatment brochure has #glowup written all over it, and especially with some exciting new additions, not least of which… the ‘Tranquility to Sleep’ massage, and the ‘Remedy Facial.’

This ‘power pair’ of pampering pep-ups, is arguably just what most of us need in order to bring our much-coveted ‘best selves‘ to this final leg of 2022. Massage

Tranquility to Sleep - the spa’s ‘Treatment of The Month’ - is a unique soft-brush massage which involves a warmed Tranquility Blend oil (comprising sweet orange, rose, geranium, cedarwood, sandalwood and vetivert) being applied to the body using gentle Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay massage movements.

Its intention? To quieten the mind and ease anxiety, all whilst uplifting the senses in a two-pronged aromatherapy approach which niches down on stress, fatigue and sleeplessness. Facial

If the change of seasons has not boded particularly well for your skin so far - such was my main pre-facial consultation gripe - then the fortifying Remedy Facial, might just hold the solution!

With its exclusive Marula oil-infused peel off mask, this gentle yet nourishing treatment - rich in prebiotics to preserve the skin’s natural microbiome - is ideal to help restore calm and shut down sensitivity.

There’s more…

In between spa treatments, guests have the freedom to pick and choose the parameters of their spa-day-panacea.

Whatever the fitness to relaxation ratio happens to look like, the gym, pool, sauna, steam room and short-step-out into the rolling Buckinghamshire countryside…remain at your disposal.

When combined, as well, with the delight that is…a lazy, dressing-gown-clad lunch, it’s safe to say that a Danesfield day-off will leave little to be desired… and much to be remembered!

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