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‘Wintering’…done well!

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

There’s a theory that I was reading about the other day, which centres on the idea of ‘wintering’, and the importance of aligning our behaviours with the natural cycles of nature.

Apparently, as humans we are not often as adept at ‘wintering’ (ie. resting and resetting) as some other life forms… and this, partly, is where we are going wrong, from a wellness stance at least!

The evidence on this phenomenon was primarily conducted on trees, and it demonstrates how if they are subjected to the effects of adrenaline during the winter months, the subsequent inability to conduct any deep, inner restoration processes would - inevitably - cause them to perish.

As a cautionary tale for full-steam-aheaders like myself (for whom the end of summer warning signs to switch lanes and slow down, have long been ignored) this analogy certainly hits different.

Subsequently, I’m this year throwing myself  fully into the challenge of ‘wintering’ well, beginning most importantly with….sleep.

Part of this, it goes without saying, revolves around some rather strategic ‘nesting’, the sum of which is just sufficient to improve my chances of optimum time spent in the land of nod each day.

In keeping with the ‘nature’ theme, this meant swapping to some new, wool bedding - expertly handcrafted by Devon Duvets’ team of professional seamstresses in their Devon workshops.

With 900 grams of wool per square metre, this product is made specifically for those with cold bedrooms, circulatory issues and / or also those who might normally opt for additional blankets during the autumn and winter months.

As a natural fibre, wool is both temperature regulating AND beneficial for those with allergies, for whom synthetic products are often less suitable.

For me, it’s these unique qualities, along with the additional protection against night-wakings, that leads me to believe that so far as doing ‘wintering’ better… I’ve now at least got the most important base covered.

Sponsored by Devon Duvets

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