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World Pasta Day: Why it’s time to forget everything you thought knew about ‘store cupboard cooking’

Updated: Oct 13, 2021


It’s what weekday-dinners-in-a-hurry were made for.

Quick, easy, and infinitely versatile… it’s no wonder our favourite ’cupboard cooking’ staple has earned itself the honour of its very own awareness day.

World Pasta Day comes but once a year, and this year especially, it provides the perfect excuse to switch up the spaghetti and sauce standard, with some Campanelle-shaped inspiration!

To this end, we’ve teamed up with Cornwall Pasta Co - purveyors of small batch, slow dried pasta - to bring you THE ultimate pasta dinner… with a difference!

It’s a little known fact, that pasta mixes and matches with more flavours and ingredients than we often give it credit for, and this is something that Cornwall Pasta Co’s flavour range - which includes Beetroot Lumaconi and Cuttlefish Ink Casarecce - is a delicious and exciting testament to.

As an artisan pasta company, based in Falmouth, Cornwall Pasta Co specialise in unique, seasonal and speciality pastas, made using the very best Cornish ingredients, which are organic and foraged where possible, and with a strong focus on seasonality and sustainability.

At this time of year, when meal planning takes on a more hearty, wholesome stance, we’re leading by the likes of this Wild Garlic Campanella with Fig and Feta, in particular.

Packed with pine nuts and squash, the dish boasts all the sweet, savoury earthiness that Autumn eating demands, and pushes up the potential of the ‘pasta tea’, to bring more than just comfort to the table, in the months ahead!

For a full demo on how to make this recipe, head over to our Instagram stories now.

Sponsored by Cornwall Pasta Co

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