Life is like a box of Quality Street...

November 14, 2019


you pretty much know what you’re going to get’


Well to some extent at least.


If Quality Street were a metaphor for life, then everything would surely be a lot more predictable than the pot luck box of chocs behind the infamous saying implies.


Presented with a box of Quality Street, we’d know for sure what we’re going to get... and we’d go straight for the Purple one, of course. 


After all, choosing Quality Street is an informed and personal decision, much like some of the choices we have to make in everyday life.


Luck does come into it in some respects, of course, but free will, research and prior knowledge are in play probably more than we often give them credit for. 


It might not always feel that way, as when it comes to diet, lifestyle, relationships and work, it’s often easy for our choices to not feel our own, especially when they’re made out of habit, politeness or a lack of options, for example.


Ultimately, though, many of the hands we’re dealt come down to the small and seemingly insignificant choice we make. The chocolate box choices, we'll call them.


It’s a toss up between the opportunities that are hard work, but ultimately worth the effort (toffee penny anyone?), the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them opportunities (the purple ones), the ones that nobody else is willing to take (toffee finger!?) or the familiar, comfortable and nostalgic ones that might fulfil a deeper need than we might even realise ourselves.


The choice might be different, on any given day, or time, and for any given person. And such is the beauty of free will... and chocolate!



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