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Canine to five: The benefits of taking your dog to work

For many dog owners, leaving the house in the morning can be a wrench, so it’s no surprise that the movement towards allowing more pet pooches into the workplace is being so well received by the dog-owning staff of cooperating companies. For the participating organisations, the driving forces behind the trend are many, with the majority of these incentives being related to employee health and happiness, and the subsequent potential for increased productivity they represent.

So what is it about being able to bring a pet to work that is having such a positive effect on employees' health and morale? Stress reduction

Many scientific studies have deduced that stress levels can be significantly reduced by the presence of a pet in the workplace. It's a phenomenon that many businesses are cottoning on to, with the likes of Nestle and Purina having already joined the ranks of pet-friendly organisations in the UK.

Employee interactions Pets are a good talking point, and also serve as an effective ice breaker for employees to strike up conversations with previously unfamiliar co-workers. The resultant improvements in employee relations can facilitate reduced anxiety and morale, which in turn leads to healthier, happier employees.

Reduced outgoings

Employees who can bring their dogs to work can save on the dog sitting expenses that they would otherwise have had to incur. This not only lessens financial stress to some extent, but also frees up more disposable income. This in itself is a cornerstone to good health, since it facilitates greater spending on health-giving activities (i.e. socialising, gym membership, quality nutrition etc).


Ordinarily, pet owners would scarcely be willing to stay late at work due to needing to get home to let their pets out. Taking dogs to work overcomes this need, so workers are naturally more productive and therefore relaxed, happy and confident in their roles. This feeling of control and accomplishment lends to a greater sense of wellbeing and self-esteem, so benefiting both employee and employer in equal measure.

For more information on Bring Your Dog to Work Day and how to get your company involved, click here.

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