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Sunday is widely known as a day of rest. A chance to relax and take stock before the start of the next working week.

However, rather than enjoying and making the most of our Sundays, many of us (76% according to one survey) are spending the day feeling anxious and stressed about the impending working week. . A stressful job is inevitably a factor, but on top of this, we have the uncertainty and pressure of how our other commitments and goals - meal prep, fitness, rest etc - are going to fit into the Monday to Friday work/life mix. 

We imagine the difficulties, and how it could all potentially go wrong, creating self-fulfilling prophecies of disorder from the offset. . 💥 The power of imagination Imagination can be a force for anxiety, BUT it can also be a force for good if used properly. By consciously visualising things going right, you can reduce your Sunday stress and set the stage for a positive week. 

🛀 Sunday sundae! 🍦 Making an extra effort to take care of yourself on a Sunday can help to detract from ‘can’t do’ thinking patterns and the associated anxiety. Think long baths, hearty meals, inspirational books, treats...whatever helps to help you feel relaxed and positive. 

✏️JOT & JOG In the evening, write a list of everything you need to achieve by the end of the week. Committing your ‘must dos’ to paper makes them tangible and actionable... and crossing them off as you go makes for a satisfying exercise in self-encouragement in itself. #sunday #relax #sundaystressday #metime #positivity #weekend #sundayblues 

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