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The Pre-Christmas Detox - why festive health prep is the way forward

Let's face it, December is probably going to be a bit of a questionable month when it comes to our diet and lifestyle habits. With Christmas parties and the festive vibe setting in earlier and earlier each year, nutrition, fitness and sleep are all likely to fall by the wayside for at least a month! So, how can we prepare our bodies for an unhealthy December? With a super clean, 'low tox' November, of course. Wiping the slate clean with a low-tox lifestyle in November can improve your resilience to the negative effects of alcohol, heavy meals and low nutrient intake. By equipping your body with essential vitamin and mineral reserves, and lessening your starting chemical load, you can go into December with a degree of wiggle room for treats and tipples! So how do we go about planning a low-tox November? Here’s your easy 7 point action plan Prepare your liver Eating a diet rich in liver-boosting foods during November can help to equip this vital organ with the reserves it needs to cope with festive excess. Grapefruit, turmeric, green vegetables and beetroot juice, in particular, can all help with promoting a healthy liver. Supplement support Live Limitless’ Live Clean supplement is designed to help aid your body’s natural detoxification processes, including the excretory functions of the kidneys. It is also a source of Chromium, Juniper, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C which help to improve tiredness and fatigue.

Alcohol free Reducing or eliminating alcohol for November can help support your low-tox lifestyle efforts. Try an alternative such as Botonique to give your liver a chance to rejuvenate in time for the December festivities. Home tweaks Little do we often realise, our home exposes us to many and varied toxins, all of which contribute to the burden on our body’s detoxification systems. To lessen the load, small changes such as switching to chemical free cleaning products, and soy instead of paraben candles (we love Morgan Jost hand poured soy candles), can all make a big difference. Opting for natural skincare products, such as those by Freshly Cosmetics, is also a helpful step towards lessening the amount of chemicals your body has to process each day.

Filter your water Filtering your water lessens it’s chemical content, making a Brita filter a particularly worthwhile investment given the amount of water we (should) consume each day. Lemon water Staring the day with warm water and lemon can kick start your metabolism and contribute to an overall cleansing effect on the body. Salt baths Regular bathing with Weslab Himalayan salt can help to support detoxification processes by boosting the circulatory system and having a cleansing effect on the body.

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