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'Sometimes you have to live and let go'

Sophie Grace Holmes is a Motivational Speaker, Athlete and blogger specialising in positivity and mindset.

What are 3 of your core health values?

1) Respect your body - without your health you have nothing 2) Learn how your body works best in terms of fitness and nutrition 3) Don’t underestimate rest and recovery

What three actions define what it means to live by these values?

1) Do your best at looking after your body in terms of exercise and food, but remember health is mental and physical, so do things that make you feel good, feel happy, confident and strong but also relaxed, as all of these aid a happy, healthy life in mind and body. 2) Take time to to learn how your body works and what it needs - no person is the same so taking on the latest fad may not be for you. I promise you’ll feel a whole new power if you do. Trust yourself. 3) Ensure you’re getting 6-8 hours at a minimum sleep a night. Sleep is where the magic happens, goals are made and recovery happens.

What three allowances do you afford yourself to avoid any conflict between values and needs?

1) Always allow yourself the things you love, whether it be chocolate or an indulgent meal, and don’t feel guilty about having time away from the gym for other experiences - these are equally as important. 2) It’s okay if you simply don’t fancy going to the gym because you’re wanting to be lazy, or eating a tonne of more unhealthy foods. We are human and that’s the beauty of it, so long as you are mindful going forward. 3) It’s not always possible to fit into a busy life rest and recovery, and that’s okay. Sometimes you have to live and let go... go on that night out or be spontaneous. It’s good for you. It can bring a spark into life!

What health asset do you value most and why? Exercise! No matter if you want to get out there, I can guarantee nobody every regretted a workout, especially if you really find something you love. Do it for the after feeling. You’ll feel happier and healthier and more confident and likely to live a more fulfilled, powerful life.

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