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At this time of year, there’s something to be said for giving in to a little of what you fancy. From egg nog to Christmas cake...stuffing to stollen, the ‘feel good’ benefits of the odd treat are sometimes worth more than the sum of ‘healthy’ ingredients (or lack of, so to speak). Part of the mechanism for this effect comes down to the social element of festive food. By bringing family and friends together, nibbles and tipples can underpin the unmistakeable contentment (and subsequent wellbeing) we feel when loved ones are near. Quality time with family and friends is apparently what makes 95% of people feel most content (so says research by Burgen bread), and if this doesn’t make a sharing platter worth its salt (literally and figuratively), surely nothing does!? If you’re planning a festive get-together or night in in the next few weeks, Gradz Bakery hand crafted stollen and poppy seed twists are the perfect social centre piece. Hand-crafted in London, their seasonal favourites are available from Ocado and online. Sponsored by Gradz Bakery.

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