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CLOTHE YOURSELF CONFIDENT: The self-fulfilling prophecy of 'power dressing'

We’ve all got them...those few trusty wardrobe, beauty or make up essentials that always manage to turn our confidence around and help us walk that little bit taller! It might be a flattering pair of jeans, a favourite colour lipstick or a slinky pair of heels! Individually (or collectively) these items can have a transformative effect on how we feel and act. Experts call the effect “enclothed cognition’! (Who knew!) This idea idea that ‘power dressing’ is a self-fulfilling prophecy (‘we are what we wear!) is not a new one, but it’s an interesting one non-the-less, particularly in the aftermath of the Oscars last weekend! For further insight, we asked Saira Khan and Alice Sampo for their thoughts on the subject, and how they use fashion and beauty to achieve greater confidence on demand, and in everyday life. Alice Sampo

💬‘Regarding what clothes/make up make me feel most confident: it really depends on the day. There are days when a total black look, a pair of heels and a bold lip have the power to give me that extra confidence and other days when I feel like wearing a pop of colour and my favourite trainers instead, along with a natural but fresh look. Confidence starts with acceptance in the end. Perfection doesn't exist and learning what kind of clothes/make up best suit our figure is truly the key in my opinion.’

Saira Khan 💬‘My skincare routine gives me confidence, I use a facial oil every morning and it instantly gives my a glow, it softens and hydrates my skin and it has just become part of my morning routine. I love aromatherapy and the smell of my facial oil just makes me feel so calm and relaxed.’

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