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No no! That wasn’t a question!

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

As much as I’m partial to jumping on the #ootd trend, I will also be the first to admit, there are days when style and sense of fashion seriously elude.

It’s on these thrown-together days, where laziness and terrible shirts aline, that I’m reminded just how wonderfully rebellious it feels, to play hooky from dress codes and a-la-modes… and instead just embrace your best baggy-clothes-wearing self!

It goes without saying, that even on the care-free coattails of this anti-fashion movement, a #devilwearsprada style dressing-down is still never far from mind.

However, in the spirit of no longer sweating the small stuff, nor entering into the pressure cooker that is #schoolrunstyle, such thoughts are quickly squashed by THIS reality check…

That is…. that what having to ride the term-term rodeo full throttle might take away in put-togethernesses, it more than gives back in windswept and interesting authenticity which - let’s face it - is probably much better than being a Poster Girl for a ‘ten’ anyway!

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