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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

To some….Trench coats are the height of trans-seasonal style statements.

To me, there’s an uncanny resemblance in that belted double-breasting, that cannot be unseen.

It goes without saying, that this observation is not to take away from sheer functionality and fashion potential of what is arguably one of outerwear’s finest creations.

What it is perhaps to point out, however, is that there is more to #ootd, than all the blue steel seriousness of it might suggest.

Sometimes, I feel that #whatiworetoday should be about nothing more than staying warm and dry, with particular emphasis not on ‘what to wear’, but rather on what NOT to wear (ie. the weight of the fashion police’s opinion) if you want to avoid the frozen drowned rat look this season.

To this end, what this post might lack in serious styling tips, I hope it makes up for in go-go gadget perspective - something that we can remind ourselves of the next time the pressure to be an ‘autumn ready’ icon threatens to rain on our plaid!

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