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Be More Baby - why we should all be channeling Jennifer Grey and ‘dancing with abandon’

Dancing is something that comes naturally to some... and not so easily to others. It would be easy to put this down to technical ability, but often what separates those who embrace the dance floor from those who shy away is one thing. Confidence, and that all-important ability to ‘let go!’ It sounds easy enough, but switching off the “overthink button’ when it comes to moving in time with music can take some practice. It requires clearing the mind and letting instinct take over, and sadly this is something that our otherwise hyper-planned modern lives leave us somewhat ‘unpracticed’ in, to say the least. You might wonder what the point in spending the time to learn this skill is, when the opportunities to put it into practice might only arise but a handful of times a year, at birthdays and weddings! Well, believe it or not, having the ‘abandon ability’ at your fingertips might prove more useful than you think! As a means to hone the skill of emptying your mind and reconnecting with your physicality....dancing freestyle is invaluable! Dirty Dancing fans would have witnessed this transformative power in the movie’s many rehearsal scenes ... which begs the question, why aren’t we all donning our denim and strutting our funky stuff Baby-style more often?

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