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HAY FEVER: 'Don't let allergies take away from the wellbeing benefits of time outdoors'

At last, the warmer weather has arrived... with the added bonus that we now have much more time to enjoy it than ever before.

On the down side, all this time outdoors in the garden, is meaning that many of us are feeling the effects of hay fever, where perhaps we might not have before (or at least not as severely) when our days were largely spent indoors in an office.

Hay fever is responsible for causing cold-like symptoms, including a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion and sneezing. At a time when we’re all trying to keep our spirits up as much as possible, this side effect to our once daily walk is something we could well do without.

The most obvious antidote of closing the doors and windows might work in normal circumstances, but with the currency of fresh air and nature currently at an all time high...there has to be another option?

Enter... HayMax!

HayMax is a multi award winning, drug-free, non-drowsy allergen barrier balm which traps pollen, dust and pet allergens before they enter the body, and is suitable for the whole family, including pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.

As we all look for ways to stay healthier and happier in the current circumstances, this simple step to help keep hayfever at bay is a useful one to keep up our sleeve (or in our pocket!) thanks to the handy sized little pot.

Simply apply a thin layer to the outside of the nostrils as needed, and enjoy some comfort in having lessened the risk of at least ONE of the most likely lockdown irritations to circumnavigate in the coming weeks.

Sponsored by HayMax

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