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Beans means… Sourdough!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

In the realms of fast (healthy) food, baked beans on toast takes some beating!

For the purpose of Sourdough September, however, the temptation to re-invent this ‘college cuisine’ classic with a grown-up edge, was too good to resist.

Home-made baked beans, married with Gradz White Sliced Sourdough Bread, is arguably a match made in foodie heaven, and despite boasting all the ‘from scratch’ credentials a non-college student could wish for, it still goes from pot to plate in less than 15 minutes.

As for the main ingredient, Gradz sourdough is a unique, hand-crafted loaf which boasts a delicious mellow flavour - enough to bring a brand new dimension to the oldest of favourites!

Simply toast, butter and pile high with what are possibly the poshest pulses to ever rival the ‘beans means…’ standard!

Gradz Sourdough is available on Amazon and Ocado.

Sponsored by Gradz

* This article contains an affiliate link.

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