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COOL BEANS: Meet the everyday ingredient that’s helping snacking get…snazzy!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022


There’s a new Habas Fritas in town!!

We’ll be honest, the lack of broad beans on supermarket shelves had us somewhat stumped, when first challenged with the task of making this classic, savoury Spanish snack!!

Empty shelves aside, however, we’re not one to let the small matter of a supply chain crisis, scupper our chances of snack-making success.

With that in mind, we did what any seasoned snack innovator would do…

Used butter beans instead, of course!

In the ultimate ‘snacksperiment’ gone right, Two Nods Smokey Chipotle peanut butter and Cashew Jalapeño can undeniably take most of the credit for transforming the humble Lima… into a hot and hearty crowd pleaser!!

Though traditionally eaten as a snack, the softer texture of the butter bean Habbas’ mean they can double up as a salad topper AND all-round recipe enhancer! #whoknew

Simply roast or fry the beans with your chosen Two Nods Nut Butter (demo in bio), and then snack, sprinkle or stir in to taste!

Packed with protein, good fats and B Vitamins, Two Nods is committed to using simple ingredients, from the best possible sources, with no additives or extenders... and all packed into recyclable jars!

We could continue listing off all the reasons, why THIS is THE brand to finally free PNB from the shackles of toast, but let’s be honest …that Cashew Jalapeño - it ‘habbas’ at Hello!!

Sponsored by Two Nods

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