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Eat. TEA. Love.

What we’re all striving for - perhaps now more than ever - is what can only be described as a more ‘wholesome’ way of living.

A lifestyle steeped in a greater sense of what serves us well, and far removed from the fast pace that once was.

Moments of time to ourselves, earmarked by the luxury of a hot, soothing cup of tea, is so often at the heart of this concept. So much so, in fact, that sitting down with a cup and a book has widely become one of the most sacred times of the working day.

This is a trend that the makers of Kib tea - purveyors of planet-positive herbal teas - are leading the way with, thanks to their range of deliciously luxe, wellness infusions. With particular attention to quality ingredients, free from preservatives, sweeteners and chemicals, every cup of Kib tea is designed to create an 'elevated moment' ... wherever and whenever you need it most.

Their range includes the deliciously festive 'cinnamon, cardamom and cloves' blend, along with the soothing 'ginger, lemon and turmeric' option, making this the brand of choice for those looking to take advantage of the health benefits of a caffeine-free pick-me-up, at any time of day.

Beyond the delicious flavours, Kib also prioritises 'circularity' in its production methods, relying on renewable packing materials and 'food forests' (small plots of land that have been densely and diversely planted with crops) for their carefully chosen herb ingredients.

It goes to prove, with this approach in mind, that there aren't many things that can't be significantly improved by a good brew... not even our carbon footprint, it seems!

Sponsored by Kib Tea

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