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Feeling the Christmas strain? Take a Barley Cup break!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Christmas burnout… it’s a real thing, and a somewhat ironic side-effect of the many and varied demands that cultivating ‘festive cheer’ places on our time and energy.

If there is one thing I personally tend to find every year, it’s that my caffeine intake increases exponentially to these mounting pressures, thereby perpetuating a vicious circle of coffee-quaffing-present-wrapping-party-going overwhelm!

In the realms of coping mechanisms, I accept this one leaves much to be desired… which is why I’ve taken the executive decision this year, to NOT buy too much into the season‘s Gingerbread Latte culture, and instead, to adopt a more mindful approach to managing this merry mayhem.

What this looks like, in short, is a Barleycup Christmas!

As the caffeine-sensitive, flat-white drinker’s answer to coffee-o-clock, Barleycup boasts all the warmth and flavour that you need from a seasonal present-shopping siesta… without perpetuating the cycle of cortisol dominance that can leave us all Christmas’d out, before the Christmas Tree has even made it down from the loft.

In my case, this as-good-as-the-real-thing alternative is not so much an all-out replacement, but a handy way of keeping the caffeine capped at the levels enjoyed year-round, when novelty latte’s aren‘t trying to lead me astray.

To this end, rather than going cold turkey (no festive fun intended!!) I use Barleycup to fulfil all those ‘I need a coffee’ urges that just so happen to crop up OUTSIDE the realms of normal (ie. First thing after waking, and mid-morning).

As an added bonus, Barleycup contains no artificial additives, AND for those who really can’t compromise on the sweet frothy treats which - let’s face it - no festive season is complete without… then there’s even a Caramel Barleycup to tickle your festive fancy!

You can thank me later!

Sponsored by Barleycup

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