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For the love of… CEREAL!

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

It’s probably one of the lesser-anticipated side effects of training to be a Nutritionist, that one does somewhat run the risk of becoming what’s commonly known as…a ‘smart a**e.’

Admittedly, I’m no longer a practicing Nutritionist, nor do I swear by absolutely everything I was taught, but if there is one key lesson I still carry with me to this day (and will preach about to anyone who will listen,) it's this...


My ‘breakfast is the most important meal… bla bla’ spiel begins - as this reel audio suggests - from the get-go of almost every day, with the rare exception of those few and far between days when my offers of ‘porridge or granola?’ AREN’T met with a predictable ‘not yet!’

On those delightful all-ducks-in-a-row days, when everyone does take heed of my better breakfast knowledge, and heads off to school/work re-fuelled with a hearty helping of Lizi's protein and wholegrain goodness, it does - I’ll admit - make all the graft and responsibility of being a cereal-promoting know-it-all, suddenly so much more worth getting out of bed for.

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