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Go Away… Glow Ups!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

So I’ll just come out and say it…the glow up trend annoys me!

Especially…the one on instagram where the audio draws you in with an invitation to ‘talk about power’, but which goes on to suggest that the answer to tapping into our innate energy and authority, is a shed load of slap!

In principle, there may well be something in this idea, and I’d be the first to agree with the ability of make-up to transform both confidence and can-do, in equal measure.


There’s a but!

I’m inclined to feel there is probably more ‘power’ in the #glowdown, than can ever be found at the hands of a mascara wand.

Power - it’s of course subjective - but when it relates to confidence and self-esteem, let’s not let younger women (especially) believe that the answer is only skin-deep.

As a somewhat older-than-the-average content creator, I’d rather foot the fallout of playing Devil’s Advocate on this one, than pretend that lashes and lipstick can ever make up for the lack of a genuine ‘power source’ such self-esteem.

Yes, many of these ‘game faces ’are convincing - and maybe effective in the short term - but what I can’t help thinking is, just how much ‘power’ is actually being lost by buying into a narrative which backhandedly associates make-up-free… with mediocracy.

I feel instead, that the script should be flipped, and not least because being comfortable in one’s own skin - and the chain reaction of habits, behaviours and decisions this cultivates - it’s HERE where the real ace card lies, much more so than in the latest ’contouring’ hack!

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