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Happiness is… a Caramac!

Updated: Mar 28

Six months or so ago, I read an article about how Caramac bars were being discontinued… and momentarily, my heart sank.

The reaction was nonsensical really, especially as it had been months - YEARS even - since I had last gone out of my way to purchase one of these sickly-sweet-but-oh-so-delicious bars.

I was left wondering, as you would, whether the Caramac-shaped void I was feeling in this moment, might owe to something deeper than the phenomenon of always wanting what you can’t have.

Was it the work of nostalgia, perhaps, convincing me that the Caramac cull was a greater travesty than it actually was?

Or....was my instinct correct, that confectionary was about to lose one of its all time greats?

Either way, the wheels of ‘Mission Stockpile on Caramacs’ were set in motion, albeit to little avail.

With every newsagent I stumbled upon, the disappointment only deepened.

That was, until I happened across the last stone unturned…a convenience store by the name of NISA Local.

The shopkeeper - clearly perplexed by my overjoyed reaction finding Caramacs on their shelves - raised an eyebrow as he scanned not one, but two, three, four of the yellow and red bars!

‘You like these, huh?’

‘Just a bit!’ I blushed, and resisted the urge to reassure him that I wasn’t about to demolish the lot in one go, contrary to what the desperation I was exuding might suggest.

This fleeting exchange - so rare in today’s age of self-checkouts - felt almost as joyous as the foil-wrapped sugar rush I was holding in my hot little hand!

As a result, I left shop feeling doubly buoyed!

Smug from the win of a nostalgic, discontinued chocolate find, of course, but unexpectedly uplifted as well, by the power of the pleasantry - something which is still alive and kicking at NISA Local, if nowhere else!

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