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Little Miss Difficult: What every ‘awkward’ person probably wants you to know

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

She’s difficult

She’s awkward.

She can never just go with the flow!

On the face of it, these statements might have some basis in truth.

What is less often correct, however, is the accompanying conclusions that we come to, as to WHY a why person with a penchant for throwing spanners in the works, perhaps does so with such frustrating regularity.

Far from being from a place of malice, this ‘awkwardness’ can often be rooted in anxiety, fear, catastrophic thinking or any number of legitimate mental or emotional symptoms…many of which act as stumbling blocks to being ‘cool’, ‘easy going’ or …. (insert desirable character trait here)….!

It’s no wonder, therefore, that those with tendencies towards these traits are often among the Great Misunderstood, pigeonholed into awkwardness by a personality quirk that does not necessarily befit the person they are, deep down.

Moodiness, indecision..even anger, they’re all hallmarks of an anxious mind, and while the consequences (for self and other) can be far-reaching, the default response of offence and ill-feelings comes with a wide margin for error.

As well, for those individuals whose interpersonal skills DO lie at the mercy of their moods, nothing fans the overthinking fire, quite like the fear and reality of being mis-judged.

With this in mind, let’s afford those with an affinity for ‘creating difficult situations’, the benefit of the doubt that only comes from bigger-picture-thinking, and striving to always see the struggles…beyond the side-eye!

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