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Mmm… bop, say what?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

So, I just happened to hear, through the good ol’ Insta grapevine, that Mmmm Bop has been re-invented. With Busted!!

‘And your point is…?!’

I hear you asking.

Well, truth be told… I’m not sure I have one.

Except…I was at Top of the Pops in 1998, on the night that Hanson were meant to perform.

Because they were no. 1…and they surely just had to.



As it turned out, myself and my Hanson-adoring pals had to awkward-dance our way through Gina G, Rosie Gains and Gary Barlow, only to discover that the surfer-haired icing on the cake we’d been waiting on, was nothing more than a pre-record on a tiny studio telly-box…played out in consolation as we were hurriedly ushered out of that deceptively teeny, dry-ice filled studio.

It was an anti-climax. I’m not gonna lie!

In hindsight, however, I can see that what this particular teenybop experience took away from my fangirl fantasy of locking eyes with that floppy haired lead singer, it more than made up for in a valuable life lesson…in disappointment.

The understanding that sh*t happens, but life goes on… is one that you’d never expect to have its underpinnings in an afternoon skived off school, in the back-end of Elstree Studios.

Yet alas, growth works in mysterious ways!

And incidentally… great news about the re-make! I’m officially mmm-bopping away with pure nostalgic delight, and hoping that my TOTP-BFFs don't leave me hanging!

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