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More miscellaneous musings…

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

I realised something the other day…

That out of the 1268 blog posts I’ve written since I don’t know when… a significant chunk of them are what can only be described as, ‘miscellaneous.’

They’re not about food, or fitness, or the pursuit of wellness - such is the expectation of visiting a ‘Health Magazine’ - but instead they’re of indeterminate topic, and teetering just on the edge of relevance, to any health-inspiration-seeking reader who might happen to stumble across them.

It’s probably just the nature of the blogging beast, I’ve concluded. This tendency towards randomness, and for veering off-topic whenever the tailwinds of curiosity turn, as they so often do, on a daily, maybe even hourly, basis.

One minute I can be immersed in the intricacies of green tea and antioxidants… and the next, penning a 500 worder on the virtues of the bowl plate.

This kind of ‘blue sky blogging’, and typing off at a tangent - it can seem a bit scatty, but these musings…they serve an important purpose!

Not only do they prop up the pen-to-paper skills on which the conveyor of more relevant, important works depends, but they are also evidence of a real, live person behind this page - something that holds ever-more importance in this increasingly AI world!

For this reason, I figured all these miscellaneous articles - they probably deserve more than to be floating aimlessly around the blogosphere.

The result? The creation of a new ‘musings’ tab - somewhere you can expect as much in the way of random ramblings, as you can an insight into the undercurrents of brain chaos beneath that calm, creative-type exterior!

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