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NATIONAL BURGER DAY: This is how fast-food-from-home is REALLY done!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

What is National Burger Day, if not an excuse to roll out the big buns… sorry, guns, and show the ‘foodstagram’ how fast-food-from-home is REALLY done?

Contrary to popular belief, there is a real art to pimping the perfect patty.

Anything less than 7 layers, for example, is sacrilege, with arguably THE most important layer of all, looking decidedly like oodles of Primula Burger Cheese!

This is the game-changing secret ingredient that any Burger King (or Queen) worth their salt, should seriously consider trading their trusty cheddar in for this BBQ season.

Melty, cheesy, and endlessly moorish, as the latest jewel in the Primula range crown, it certainly ‘stacks’ the odds of an enviable Burger Day tribute in your favour.

Not only this, the delicious versatility of this savoury kitchen saviour, makes transforming everything from sandwiches to sauces…easy peasy, cheesy squeezy!

Sponsored by Primula

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