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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Is it always that happy?

While I appreciate the sentiment and the science behind ‘nature therapy’, being at one with the woods isn’t always a recipe for smiles and solace.

Sometimes…just sometimes, the quiet reflection that comes from being far removed from busyness and distraction - can actually feel decidedly melancholy.

None of this is to question the

‘biophilia hypothesis’, nor the intrinsic benefits of green spaces.

Similarly, is it NEVER a reason to ever avoid these opportunities when they come up.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as the discomfort that can come from navigating this emotional underbush, with its shin-tangle of sadness, nostalgia and grief, is often far outweighed by the dividends of something that probably looks a lot like ‘healing.’

This in mind, it’s no wonder that ‘to the trees!’ and a Brave Heart, are quite so inextricably linked!

Granted, my theory might not have any basis in science, but it’s a personal observation that might (might) just help those who can relate, feel less alone in their rogue ruminating reaction to one of life’s greatest ‘happy places.’

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