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Updated: May 7, 2022

With the Easter holidays over for another year, the countdown is now on to that next, big out-of-office opportunity.

With any luck, that opportunity will just so happen to be the highlight of the holiday calendar year. The pinnacle of life-affirming, battery-recharging power-downs, and the time-off to rival all time off!

In other words…the ‘summer holiday!’ ☀️ 🏖

The anticipation that summer holidays cultivate - the counting down of minutes, hours, days - might well be the athithesis of ‘live for the moment’ culture, but it’s also not the joy thief we might think it is.

Quite to the contrary, holiday anticipation (or ‘anticipatory savouring’, as it’s formally known) can be a force for positivity like no other, helping to energize our workaday lives and motivate us through the daily grind.

For the two-steps-ahead brigade, who’ve not just got the great summer getaway covered, but brought the t shirt to boot, this is certainly good news, and the permission we never needed…to plan our holiday wardrobe with impunity.

For those foot-dragging on the annual leave front, here’s the sign you’ve been waiting for, to JUST. BOOK. THE. BREAK!

Wherever this designated down-time takes you TO, isn’t quite so important as where it takes you FROM. In many cases, this is routine, predictability and responsibility, and it’s this factor alone, that a revitalising ‘holiday’ makes. (In other words, a return trip to the Costa del Garden will suffice!)

This in mind, as we trudge through April on the crampons of imaginary sundowners and sunsets…worry not of the woes of wishing away the days!

Instead, let’s take a moment to appreciate just how much brighter Monday looks, through that luxe lense of impermanence, that only a lazy, sun-drenched holiday on the horizon can provide!!

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