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Enough with the animal photos!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Just recently, I have become THAT person who takes photos of squirrels in the park.

Not just squirrels… I might add!

Robins, lambs… horses! You name it, they’re all here… cluttering up my camera roll with their bushy little tails and Bambi-like limbs!

Not so long ago, or maybe…. actually, quite a long time ago, my Ansel Adams ambitions weren’t nearly so lofty.

In fact, I’d far more likely have been found summoning my fellow Sauvignon-swilling friends for a selfie, than running after reluctant rodents, camera in hand!

Who’d have thunk it, eh!?

Well, not twenty-something me, that’s for sure.

Also, probably NOT the scores of Facebook friends who’d come to believe (maybe quite rightly so, at the time) that the bar/pub aesthetic was the only string to my Kodak bow.

It’s this evolved enthusiasm for the wonder of nature, that makes me look back on conversations with older relatives with new ears.

All those times I was implored to appreciate the wondrous ‘colours of autumn’, for example.

Teachable moments which ultimately, sadly, fell on Boybands blinkered eyes!

Nowadays, I have similarly aged friends with whom I can regale in the stop-you-in-your-tracks splendour of murmur of starlings.

Mock as the youngsters might, this is one of life’s great micro-delights that no longer goes over my head (pardon the pun), but instead only adds to the kudos that ‘uncool’ seems to be gaining, with each advancing year.

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