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'Relish' the Difference!

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

In this age of ‘waste not, want not’, finding ever-more inventive and creative ways to repurpose left-overs and unused fridge ingredients, has become the mission statement of the masses.


In the past, when the currency of the 'use by' was king, I'll admit my meal planning habits weren't quite as 'sustainable' as my current affinity for a spot of pickling might now imply!

Pickling - the process of preserving vegetables and other foods by fermentation - is becoming an 'on trend' way to extend the shelf life of our weekly shop, whilst levelling-up our recipe repertoires in the process.

Arguably, there's no better first foray into this new and novel Kilner-jar shaped world, than by trying your hand at a bit of Blaukraut - aka. pickled cabbage.

The hero ingredient in this condiments-for-beginners creation, is Sarsons classic malt vinegar, the unrivalled pickling power of which never fails to 'cure' all manner of unwanted veggie dilemmas.

As a leading authority in all things vinegar, Sarsons is a brand that has long graced my kitchen cupboards with its irresistible chip enhancing prowess!

To this day, the Fish Friday favourite still makes a regular dinner table appearance, but nowadays, salt's better half has got bigger fish to fry than a chippy tea...including the cabbage that didn't make the Sunday roast cut!

For the full recipe demonstration click here.

Sponsored by Sarsons


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