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‘Small plastic-free buying decisions can kick start a self-perpetuating cycle of sustainably’

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve quickly come to learn about ‘low-waste living’, it’s that one good decision… often leads to another.

Much like with fitness, and other positive lifestyle habits, small steps have the potential to kick start a self-perpetuating cycle of sustainably.

To this end, what begins as simple deodorant switch - for example - can potentially end in the rethinking of many more of our everyday cosmetic decisions.

On Plastic Free Beauty Day, much digital ink is being shed on this subject, and on the importance of proactively phasing out the plethora of plastic propping up our bathroom cabinets.

As a metaphor for this ‘freshening up’ process, Ben & Anna’s plastic-free deodorants go beyond their personal hygiene remit, to represent a burgeoning beauty movement in the making!

The tried and trusted go-to for natural planet-friendly deodorants, the efficacy of their formula can be credited to natural baking soda, and its germ fighting and deodorising properties.

As a brand, Ben & Anna products are free from questionable ingredients such as aluminium salts, and have replaced commonly used plastic materials with FSC certified and easily recyclable, colourful paper tubes.

Of course, the question on everyone’s lips, is how well do ‘natural’ deodorants really fare in the fitness freshness stakes?

Thankfully, Ben & Anna’s deodorants boast a fresh fragrance, as well as unrivalled odour and wetness protection. Reasuringly, this means there’s no compromising on confidence, when it comes to striving for those personal bests… in fitness,

AND sustainability!

Sponsored by Ben and Anna

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