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The Great LAZY Bake Off! Discover the easiest, tastiest way to celebrate National Cookie Day!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Baking always seems like a great idea in principle, until the reality of all that weighing, whisking and mixing dawns on our already fragile Saturday morning motivation!

The solution? Choose a recipe that takes you from bowl.. to baked in 20 minutes, like these ALMOND FUDGE COOKIES!

As a wholesome, delicious example of lazy baking in practice, this one requires the minimum time and effort, for maximum cookie rewards!

The main ingredient is Two Nods Almond Butter, and it’s the subtle sweetness of this next-level nut butter, that sets these bakes apart from your standard run-of-the-mill cookies!

Packed with protein, good fats and B Vitamins, Two Nods Nut Butters have what it takes to transform everything from your home baking endeavours, to your morning toast, in the time it takes to say ‘pass the PNB!’

As a brand, Two Nods are committed to using simple ingredients, from the best possible sources, with no additives or extenders... and all packed into recyclable jars!

With an inspired range that also includes Chocolate Hazelnut, Chunky Peanut and Cashew Jalapeño, the potential is endless to level up your baking, cooking…or even just your spoon, straight from the jar, if you so choose!

Sponsored by Two Nods #ad

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