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The great relaxation debate - let’s put the old theories to bed!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

There aren’t many rooms that are more relaxing than the bedroom… well in theory anyway!

The reality of the laundry putting-away station, might sometimes tell a different story.

That said, on those opportunities where tidiness and clean linen DO align, there is a real power in taking a little ‘bed break’ whenever the opportunity arises.

What I’m talking about, are those stolen moments of flopping-out-on-the-duvet bliss that fall outside the realms of sleep.

A hallmark of weekends at home, mostly, these pockets of pure, chilling-out gold are quite possibly THE next best thing to a Power Nap, especially when the days of snoozing on demand are done, as mine are.

For me, part of what makes up the magic of these ‘me time’ moments, is the 900 grams of wool per square metre foundations, on which the habit is blissfully built.

This duvet - a new revolutionary product by Devon Duvets - is made specifically for those with cold bedrooms, with circulatory issues and also those who might normally opt for additional blankets out of sheer preference.

Devon Duvets are a family owned business specialising in handcrafted, sustainable bedding, whose range of eco-friendly, sustainable 100% natural bedding products are individually handcrafted by a team of professional seamstresses in their Devon workshops.

Each product is made with traceable 100% British wool, certified by British Wool, and is free from chemicals, synthetic linings, glues or bonding agents. The duvet casing is made from 100% BCI cotton.

As a natural fibre, wool is both breathable and temperature regulating, meaning that this duvet will release any excess heat when you are sleeping, but retain it if you need it.

Quite importantly, it is also naturally resistant to dust mites and micro bacteria, making it a great choice for those with allergies, and sensitive skin issues such as eczema!

For all these health-shaped reasons, ‘bed time’ has become about so much more than sleep, in recent years.

It’s also become - quite unexpectedly - about 'boundaries', and the strategic setting of daily Do Not Disturbs, through that subtle yet strategic art of…’and so to bed.’

Sponsored by Devon Duvets

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