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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

With the festive season over for another year, reality reigns once again!

Admittedly, it’s not always easy to jump back on the January treadmill, but if there’s one thing that softens the blow… it’s leaning into the many comforts of the winter months!

Among these… buttery toast and tea!

You don’t need to be a regular toast eater, or even a tea drinker for that matter, to appreciate that this combination is nothing short of…magic!

On those cold winter mornings, when the tea n’ toast appeal is especially real, it’s the smooth, worth-getting-out-of-bed-for taste of Clover spreadable, that helps more than anything, to put the shine in the rise!

As a long-standing household name, Clover has a long history of making breakfasts better, with that familiar yellow tub bringing a comforting nostalgia to the table that - in today’s uncertain times - has never been more needed!

With original and ‘lighter’ formulas available, Clover is ideal not just for buttered toast, but also for sandwiches, baking and frying on low heats!

Made with buttermilk, it has half the saturated fat of butter, with absolutely no artificial ingredients, and is also suitable for vegetarians!

At a time when, let’s face it, we’re all feeling pretty thinly spread, the irony of starting the day with a hot buttery morning vice, is certainly not lost on us!

Granted, it might not solve Zoom stress or WFH woes, but it MIGHT *might* just make a morning person of even the perpetual snooze-presser yet!

Sponsored by Clover

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