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When comfort food becomes…everyday food!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

If there was ever a ‘silver’ lining to this season’s inescapable droll, it’s the excuse that it gives for comfort food to become….everyday food!

Hot pots, casseroles, soups, stews… they’re officially on the rotate, and I found what better way to jump on this culinary carousel, than with a tangy tribute to an old favourite!?

Braised beef - it’s the holy grail of hearty, but with Haywards silverskin onions, the one-pot wonder becomes… next level!

Crunchy and flavoursome, Silverskin onions add a touch of crunch (and punch) to this, and so many other, low and slow recipes. Not only this, they still stand firm as the ONLY way to pimp-up your festive Ploughmans (just saying!)

In the realms of recipe re-invention, I have always held the stance that less-is-almost-always-more, and this particular casserole recipe is certainly no exception to the rule.

Made with garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, beef and cannallini beans, the dish is bought to life by the curious juxtaposition of sweet caramelised carrots… meets sumptuously sour pickles!

For rainy days, Sundays and every salad-just-won’t-cut-it day in between, this ‘hug in a hotpot’ is just as much of a #wasteless hack (throw in ALL those leftover veggies!!), as it is a palette-pleasing solution… to those everyday meal-planning pickles!

Sponsored by Haywards Pickles

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