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Why I can’t adult today...

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

With our capacity to deal with serious, grown up stuff being tested to the max right now, it’s no wonder there’s a growing desire to regress back to those ‘ignorance is bliss’ years, when Corona was just something you drank with a slice of lime, and the Backstreet Boys were life!!

With #whyicantadulttoday currently trending on Twitter, it’s clear to see we’re not alone in wanting to veto the realities of life... even if only temporarily.

Everyone is feeling it, to varying degrees, and with positivity and productivity slipping into the quicksand of deja-vu and dread, where would we be without that life-ring that is imagination and nostalgia?

The anti-adulting mindset might well be one that we’d previously turned our nose up at, but in the context of 2020, far be it for anyone to deny us a cocktail of denial and daydreaming, if it helps soften the blow of what’s to come.

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