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WORLD WATCHING: Meet the pastime that's shifting our perspective on entertainment...for the better!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

There is something about watching the world go by, that has a habit of swallowing up time in a vacuum of curiosity, imagination and wonder.

That simple luxury of sitting back, and just taking it all in, surrendering all focus to the randomness of people and things that happen to share our space at any given moment.

This is arguably one of the easiest way to while away not just an evening... but the woes of the day that might have preceded it.

Throw in some good company, a relaxing drink and glorious weather, and you have the makings of something quite special. The best of both worlds, you could say. Somewhere between socialising and solitude, with a 'sparkle' that it's hard to put your finger on!

It might be the Cansecco, so delightfully full of fizz, or it might simply be that new found appreciation for life’s simple pleasures that we can probably all attest to right now.

In this age of social distancing picnics, Cansecco has become the go-to for fizz lovers everywhere wanting to enjoy their favourite tipple, without the worry of having to pack bottles and glasses!

Cansecco is made from premium Italian wine, and comes in convenient, easy to carry cans, making it a popular way to UNWINED on the eve of National Prosecco Day!

Sitting back and basking in this shared atmosphere of the world going by, serves as as good a reminder as any, that less really is more, and in more contexts of life than you'd initially think.

Less noise. Less fuss. Less stuff.

More moments.

Note: Contains alcohol. Always drink responsibly.

Sponsored by Cansecco

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