Time, love... and tenderstem!

It’s what food love stories are made of.

In summer, it’s easy for the art of slow cooking to get lost amidst the novelty of quick-cook salads and barbecues.

Let’s not forget, though, that the slow cooker remains as steadfast a healthy eating companion in August, as it does in January.

In fact, there’s something about a chilli that’s been cooked over time (with love 💕 ) that when served with crunchy greens, befits the mood of a cool summer’s evening exactly.

By swapping out the rice, and rolling in the cool sour cream and salsa, this is THE meal to enjoy in the garden, whilst relishing in the night off cooking that having prepared in advance gives.

Time, love and tenderstem are principles that we could not only do with applying more to our cooking, but to life in general.

Slowing down, reclaiming our time, doing what we love...and living a little greener! 💚

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